How to wear the culotte trend 2014?

Culottes are trending! I lately told you all about it in this blog post. I came across these black culottes, now it is time to show you my version on how to wear the culotte trend 2014.

I choose to wear the culottes the classic way today; black culottes, a sheer white shirt and nude high heels. Neutral ensembles are an easy way to wear culottes.


Culottes – H&M Trend

White Shirt – here

Nudes Heels - Zara

Clutch – Shadé Paris


Choose your culottes

Leather culottes, denim culottes, silk culottes, structured culottes or even printed culottes. It is all up to you.  When it comes to color, I suggest starting with neutral colors, beige, white, dark blue or black are always a good choice.

For spring/summer 2014 we will focus on the mid-calf aka cropped culottes. They shouldn’t be too short!  Light fabrics will be perfect this season. Silk, satin or lyocell is a great choice.

How to wear culottes?

Culottes look always great while wearing heels, but if you are tall enough you can pull them off with a pair of slip-ons.  A perfect example is Mija. Her white silky culottes and slip-on’s are the perfect match.
Tall girls can even choose the urban style to wear culottes, just like Camille , wearing sneakers and leather culottes. A great combo!

I suggest the following combo’s:

  • A white shirt and black culottes worn with (black) heels
  • Silk culottes with a chunky knit and leather slip-on’s
  • Leather culottes with bralette and a light fabric flowing coat
  • Wear culottes with sneakers and an oversized coat (tall girls only)
  • Mid-calf culottes with strappy heels and an oversized sweatshirt
  • If necessary, add a nice oversized (silk) scarf
  • Avoid wearing culottes with boots

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