Tartan Dress

This woolen tartan dress catched my eye (and my wallet) at Zara. I couldn’t resist. I still feel like wearing dresses, although the weather tries to tell me that I shouldn’t. This tartan dress is the perfect solution, it really keeps me warm! The big problem I face with the tartan trend, are the dark (depressing!) colors. I am so happy to wear bright tartan, so much better for my mood.

sabfashionlab-fashion-blog-mode-tartan-dress-1Tartan Dress – Zara

Vintage Bracelet – Shadé Paris

Boots -H&M


Tartan Trend

Tartan and plaid were already huge trends during Autumn/Fall 2012 and this season they are back again. Tartan fits so well with a fall or winter setting. Although usually associated with the famous Scottish men’s skirts or with Burberry plaid, tartan is nowadays a versatile and fashionable print.  Tartan is not necessarily red, like the Scottish skirts, or beige like Burberry plaid, this year we saw all kinds of colors in tartan.

For me tartan is a big favorite. I lately wore a tartan shirt here, and I am contemplating buying tartan pants as well!

 How about you? Do you like tartan? How would you wear tartan?

 sabfashionlab-fashion-blog-mode-tratan-dress-3  sabfashionlab-fashion-blog-mode-tartan-dress-5 sabfashionlab-fashion-blog-mode-tartan-dress-6sabfashionlab-fashion-blog-mode-tratan-dress-4

Robe Tartan

Cette petite robe en laine imprimé tartan a été un gros coup de cœur. J’adore la tendance tartan, mais les couleurs souvent trop foncés me dépriment. Je suis donc très heureuse d’avoir trouvé du tartan qui me met de bonne humeur ! En plus de ca elle tient bien chaud ! Personellement j’adore la tendance tartan. Je vous ai déjà montré une chemise imprimé tartan ici.

Est-ce que vous aimez la tendance tartan? Comment aimez vous porter cette tendance?


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